Silvia Albarella/Anne Tismer
Non-tutta [Incomplete]
short Version


In NON-TUTTA Silvia Albarella and Anne Tismer reflect on the almost forgotten phenomenon of hysteria. The once severe illness becomes an expression of an elusive longing for absolute silence and withdrawal. An act of radically falling silent at the heart of a frenetic revolt, forming strategic communication via complex digressions, leading to a final escape from a dreary reality.

Welcome to the histrionic personality structure- or hysteria of old is labeled in current discourses. Been triggered by the feeling of being disregarded, excluded, without support and protection, this personality structure is characterized by selfdramatisation, attention getting appearance and the overacted expression of feelings.

In NON-TUTTA Silvia Albarella and performance artist Anne Tismer capture central aspects of the histrionic personality disorder and create a room as a performance where they open up a new perspective on the history of hysteria from it’s beginning in the late 19th century.

I am home and I've invited too many people – I also share my bed – but I don't sleep anymore – my eyes hurt - soon I walk around sightlessly – because of the dust, I get an asthma attack and I lie three days in a coma - five days - ten years
(Anne Tismer)

Far away from a coma the performer will make tee for fifty till hundred people if she can keep up till then and is not going to sink beneath the weight of a tinnitus or a tennis arm.

She explores the depth of a human being who craves for tranquility and a quiet life. She strains her own limits and overtaxes herself. How does she keep fit? She runs amok.

Concept/Idea/Design Silvia Albarella
Performance/ Text /Object d'arts Anne Tismer
Performance/ Music Tom Tiest
Collaboration/ Dramaturgy Julie Pfleiderer
Mentoring Bart van den Eynde
Video Sirko Knüpfer/Assistenz Juliane Kremberg
Light Design Arnaud Poumarat
Executive productions Björn Pätz - björn & björn

A Silvia Albarella's coproduction with Sohiensaele Berlin and Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf.
Funded by the Hauptstadtkultur Fonds Berlin.
Supported by Istituto di cultura italiana and the Flemish Representation Berlin.

Opening 3rd March 2012 sophiensaele Berlin.

Picture: Lidia Tirri